Shame on you, Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim museum should be ashamed for even considering an exhibit that glorifies dog fighting and is in itself abuse of the dogs.   It makes me sick to even think about the exhibit,  ‘Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other.’

From Guggenheim Exhibit Video, People Magazine

The exhibit includes a video of four sets of Pit Bull type dogs who are strapped to treadmills and charging at each other.  The dogs are horribly scarred. The experience of being in this disgusting video must have been horrifying for them. What kind of sick person would want to see that?

The Guggenheim released a statement when the exhibit was withdrawn: “As an arts institution committed to presenting a multiplicity of voices, we are dismayed that we must withhold works of art.”  (source: “Guggenheim Bowing to Animal Rights Activists, Pulls Works from Show  New York Times  )

It is an outrage that the Guggenheim is complaining about the angry reaction.   Animal abuse is not art.  Our dogs are members of our families. Some people think of pets as their children. Would the Guggenheim think that a video of child abuse is acceptable?

I totally agree with this statement (left) posted on Twitter by Amy S@soyberg, who approved my use of it here.

I couldn’t say this any better.  The Guggenheim owes the public an apology for this outrageous attempt to bring animal abuse into a public museum.

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