During the 2 day free kindle promotion for the book, 200+ people downloaded the book. I have no idea if that’s good for an indie book but I was happy.  There won’t be royalties for Home for Life from these downloads, but it will hopefully spread the word.

If there are readers who didn’t know about what’s happening to animals in shelters, the book provides information without making people close down. That’s really important to me.

I think those of us who believe in the no kill ethic and animal rescue are too often preaching to the choir.  A lot of people just don’t want to know what’s happening, but hopefully this book will explain in a story that they enjoy.

Here are two reviews that are wonderful because they’re about the animals, as well as the book.  They are a little hard to read, but can be seen on the Amazon book review page.  It’s just a start of course, but nevertheless, it’s very heartening.

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