For four years I wrote a blog called No Kill Delaware to expose the violations of the shelter law by the high-kill SPCA.  When I left Delaware, I put a dinosaur image on my last post to illustrate my belief that convenience killing at animal shelters will one day be extinct.

The wonderful news is that now there’s no need for the No Kill Delaware blog or Facebook page.  The state took the dog control function away from the high-kill shelter in the state.  And most importantly, the state enforces the Delaware law based on the Companion Animal Shelter Act (CAPA), a model developed by the No Kill Advocacy Center.  The save rate is 90% so there’s definitely room for improvement but I think Delaware can now be called a no kill state as well as “the first state.”

The No Kill Delaware Facebook page still exists although nobody posts on it.  I would have taken it down but don’t have access to it any more.  Maybe it’s good to have it so we remember.   This web site has a Memory Lane page with a few images from it.

Here’s the text of my last post (shown at right, still on Facebook: final post .

I am leaving No Kill Delaware because I have moved out of the state. I can almost hear the shrieks of joy by the Delaware dinosaurs who want to continue killing. But as usual they are delusional. NOTHING CAN STOP THE NO KILL MOVEMENT IN DELAWARE. It is not just me or a couple of “extremists” causing trouble. It is a campaign by thousands of Delaware citizens who will never back down.

I feel honored to have worked with all of you for so many years. But I want to assure you that some very committed No Kill advocates are taking over this FB page and the blog. Believe me, they are going to kick butt !!!

I know that progress has seemed to be at a glacier pace. That is because we know animals are being killed, while the dinosaurs struggle to hold on. But soon the dinosaurs are soon going to be extinct.

The No Kill movement can’t be stopped. And you are the reason. It is your passion that keeps this movement alive. And one day soon the killing will stop in Delaware because of you.

Diane Meier

Many of the stories that I posted on the No Kill Delaware blog and Facebook page were based on information that I got from people who had been harmed by the state’s failure to enforce the law.   After I left Delaware, I was sad because it seemed that nothing would ever change.  But I was wrong, thank goodness.  The state finally started to enforce the animal shelter law and took animal control away from the high kill SPCA.   Now animal control is a state function and animals are taken to a shelter that has a 90% save rate.  (The high-kill facility is a very different place.  Without the revenue from animal control, it now has doggy daycare as a means of raising money.)

The people who commented below on my last Facebook post have been powerful advocates for saving homeless animals. And there were thousands more who participated in the No Kill Delaware online community.  Their advocacy made a difference in Delaware and hopefully will inspire others to keep on fighting for the lives of shelter dogs and cats until America is a no kill nation.