Thank you to the Reuters photographer who took the photo showing Isiaih’s love for his Pit Bull

The Houston flooding is so tragic.  The loss of lives is heartbreaking and the devastation is horrifying.  It is hard to imagine how people are coping during this disaster.

Many of us are thinking about awful it is for the animals as well as the people.  I don’t have children in my home anymore but I can’t help but think of how desperate I would be to save my dogs. This is the photo that really hit me in the gut.

I posted it on my Facebook page, No Kill Station, as soon as I saw it on a Reuters article. Over 700 people shared it and now there have been over 94,000 views of it.

Later I found out that this is  Isiah Courtney from Houston and he is carrying his son’s dog Bruce.  Isiah’s struggle to save his dog as part of his family touched so many hearts. I am so happy to see how people are responding to his request for help on his gofundme page:

“I know my family is not the only one that was affected by Harvey nor the only one that needs help. My family and I had to make quick decisions to try and make sure we have most things for our kids and dog food for our other child. My son had his dog (Bruce) since he was 6 weeks old and there was no way that I could leave him behind as I am hearing and seeing what others have done, because he would have been devastated……Many blessings to the guy behind me that helped carry my son (4yrs old) while my wife had my daughter (2yrs old) and me with an 85 pound 1 1/2 yr old puppy. At the end of the day, we made it to a safe place while we await for the waters to recede before we are able to go back and see what is left of our home.”

Here’s one comment from a donor:

I’m guessing that the donations are primarily from people who love the Pit Bulls with all their hearts.

People who should discriminate against Pit Bulls need to know that dogs like Bruce are members of our families.