Book Reviews

Many websites review books these days. Now that I’ve tried my hand at writing a novel, I am even more awed by authors who can weave a story and create characters that keep people reading. I’m not sure I’ll ever write a book again, but I’m confident that I’ll constantly be reading novels. These days I’m focused on Indie novels.

Backwoods Boogie by Trish Jackson
I just love how Twila tackles life – riding around on her harley, taking her dog to work, and investigating as the Redneck PI.  More

Reign of the Marionettes by Sheena Macleod
I was fascinated by the awful political dynamics that are the heart of this story.  More

Sonora Pass by Jaime Olmos
I have to confess that I never read a graphic novel before. I really enjoyed Sonora Pass so much.   More 

A Bully Blueprint: Solutions for Kids by Cherrye Vasquez
Parents and educators who want to stop bullying will find this book to be incredibly useful. For those of us who are not experts in psychology and group dynamics, the book clearly presents information and strategies on how to help a child who is being bullied. More